Otoke Neko

Digital Artist/VN Dev
I love drawing! Especially cute things!!!
Commission: OPEN!

Suggestive nudity OK 

◦ Rules are subject to change at any time.
◦ You cannot use my art for NFTs/AI for any purposes whatsoever.
◦ All of my works are digital. No physical works will be given.
◦ All prices are in USD.
◦ Commission is to be paid in full upfront (100%) once we have agreed to a price. If this is not possible, please discuss with me first.
◦ Credit in some form is required.
◦ If you would like your art to be kept private, there will be an extra fee (50% of commission price).
As an artist, I retain full rights and ownership of the commissioned artwork: watermarking it, posting it to my sites, making videos, or using it in my gallery/portfolio.
◦ I reserve the right to take up to 3 weeks before starting on your order.
◦ I reserve the right to decline any project/client for any reason.
◦ Please keep in mind that my art skill is constantly evolving, so there might be slight differences between the examples and the illustration you receive.
◦ You may post the commission as long as you link it back to me.
◦ You are NOT authorized to change, edit, modify my works without my permission.
◦ Please do NOT trace over any of my artworks in any way, including the use of the artwork as a "base."
◦ Clients who have commission and/or received work before this TOS has gone into effect are still bound to its contents.
◦ Commissioner will receive a draft sketch for approval
◦ Once accepted, I will provide a cleaner second draft.
◦ If requesting through Artistree, communication will primarily take place in their messaging system (unless another form of communication is preferred).
◦ If your character is extremely detailed, I reserve the right to charge extra. You can choose to simplify the design or change the character.
◦ Please send visual references.
◦ Any emails, private messages, and comments you send must come in the following languages: English
◦ I will not be responsible for any mistakes that are made on your part over the course of the transaction.
◦ It is expected that you deposit 100% of the price upfront before I start. Please discuss with me first if this is not doable.
I will initiate the transaction to avoid accidental transactions. Do not send me any kind of payment until I have confirmed that I can accept your commission AND have asked for payment.
NO form of any cryptocurrency is to be used whatsoever.
◦ If payment is not made in a timely manner (48 hours) after I've placed the Invoice, the commission will be canceled.
◦ Note: Artistree takes a CLIENT fee. Please read their TOS/Info here.
◦ I can refund 100% if I haven't finished working on the sketch.
◦ After the sketching, there will be no refunds unless discussed.
◦ If I cancel the commission request, I will reimburse the lost fees and refund depending on the stage.
◦ Commissions will be finished ranging from 2 weeks - 3 months.
◦ I will be much busier during months of August - May.
◦ I will notify you of any delays.
◦ Any file you paid for will be available from me for a finite time only. I will preserve the files for at most up to 1-2 weeks. (Artistree keeps the files as long as you have the link). However, I cannot guarantee against computer failure or accidental deletion/loss.
◦ You may use the artwork for: avatars, phone/computer wallpapers, and personal website/profile displays.
◦ Anything that won't generate any kind of profit.
◦ Live streams, music videos, thumbnails.
◦ I will send a WIP image after every stage (sketch, line art, flat color) as applicable.
◦ You are allowed to request a WIP at any given time.
◦ These images will come in the form of .JPG or .PNG files (Artistree will notify you by email).
◦ The responsibility is on you to ensure your order contains the details you want me to follow.
◦ If you would like to change anything in the finished piece, I will take a fee.
◦ Any details I overlooked will be fixed for free.
◦ I will not redraw a completed commission unless payment is received for a second order.
◦ "Skeb Style" commissions will not include any type of revisions during the process of the artwork other than the initial reference sheets and descriptions about the requested commission.
◦ The amount you pay will determine the final piece.
◦ There will be no in-between communication as this is meant to be revealed only after commissioned work is complete.

Starting Prices

Each additional character is 70% of the Original PriceDo NOT send any payment unless we discuss first.
Options and prices are subject to change at any time.
If you'd like a commission type not listed on here, I am open for discussion.


Bust Up - $90
Half Body - $170
Full Body - $200
Illustration of any character(s). If no background is specified, then I will put a simple/patterned background.
★ Detailed backgrounds aren’t my strong suit/Price will increase depending on complexity.


Pencil/Pen: $25
★ Matching icons get a $10 discount.Bust Up:
Pencil/Pen - $30
Full Body:
Pencil/Pen - $35
Simple Animation (Blinking, etc.) - $5
★ Details for chibi art will be simplified.If you would like a chibi in another of my styles, ask me first.


• Excluding CG/Sprite price
A short 600 - 1K words visual-novel scene using 1920 x 1080 resolution. Music included. You must provide a script for me.
*Please send me your script before buying.Included are 5 basic expressions (Neutral, Happy, Sad, Angry, Blushing). You may choose to replace any of them at no cost.★ It is important that you speak to me first, so that we can discuss your scene idea .★ You will receive the game file (because I use Ren'Py to make it) unless you would like video only.


Pay what you want. The quality will be dependent on how much you pay.
Please be aware that this is an experimental style skeb meaning I will be experimenting with whatever style I feel at the time.
Commission at your own risk. >:3

By commissioning me, you have read and agreed to my TOS.


Visual Novel Services

If you would like to hire me for your visual novel, please email/DM(Discord) me first for availability.
I am willing to negotiate my prices depending on the project.
Portfolio: Click me :D!
NOTE: All prices are non-commercial, and they can be negotiated.
All basic sprite expressions included.

Bust Up$70+Pose70% of Base Price